Our history

Based 25km from Paris, Boyet produces since 1939 precision mechanics parts. From a family business at first, Boyet evolved into an industrial business with cutting edge equipments. Because we are human-size company, we strongly believe in being attentive to our customers's needs. 

A human-size company
In 1939, Mr G. Boyet and his son Robert create a general mechanic unit in Sucy-en-Brie in the Val de Marne (94). At that time, work is done by two people on conventional machines. 

A traditional and family-run business
In 1965, Robert Boyet becomes head of the family-owned business. In 1992, the company settles in the industrial zone of Mandres-les-Roses, in brand-new premises of 1500m². At that time, the company uses eight numerical control machine tools in addition to lath and milling machines. In 1999, the company is certified for the first time ISO 9001. 

An industrial company with cutting edge equipments
In 2007, Mr Alain BISALPUTRA took over the business and became head of the company. In 2008, the company Dejoux joined Boyet and added its machinery to Mandres-les-Roses. In 2011, the Boyet company obtains the EN9100 certification.

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