Manufacturing equipments

Boyet company owns recent and efficient numerically controlled machines and regularly invest in new machines. Its machinery, combined with a competent personnel who masters the know-how, give Boyet the potential and the capacity to produce parts with high added value and with great technicity. 

Concerning machining, Boyet has a great capacity of production and fabrication of all kind of parts. Its machinery is important, modern and adapted to all kind of types of production and its control equipments are acknowledged as a strong point of the entreprise. Boyet is a well-known reference to its customers for its capacity to make technical parts and to offer a service for bar turning or the possibility to produce parts in emergencies. 

Boyet owns 32 CN machines : 22 CN machining turns (from 2 to 11 axes), 7 CN machining centers including one 5 axes palletized, 3 electroerosion machines including one wire machine equipped with a 4th axe. 

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